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Our Products

Earthwise Packaging ™ manufactures over 240 small threaded jars and snap top vials. Specializing in packaging less than 10 ounces, using state-of-the art European technology and the latest resin-processing techniques, all jars and vials are manufactured from Metallocene Polypropylene, which is derived from natural gas and is in keeping with our company’s mission of being environmentally focused.

Clarity, durability, and highly malleable processing characteristics make Metallocene Polypropylene an ideal material. Made from natural gas, the cleanest of all fossil fuels, material sources are abundantly available from North America.

In order to ensure the lowest pricing, the latest injection molding technology is used. The company’s molding equipment is electronically servo driven, using the latest valve gate technology, and a closed loop pulse cooling system within the manufacturing process placing Earthwise Packaging ™ on the leading edge of the industry. The quality controlled results speak for themselves in the exceptional attributes of the product. In keeping with our company’s mission, all molds for the manufactured vials and jars are engraved to indicate the recycle mark (#5).